28 May

Credit : kim_i96
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If you lives in country which NOT in this list http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/2011/05/1st-mini-album-group-buy-event.html

I suggest you to buy/PO through

1.) KHJ miclub.
KHJ miclub is one of Kim hyun joong fansite in korea which organize his album pre-order too. They already announce they are willing to help overseas fans purchase/pre-order KHJ album (without country limit) from synnara (the proven eshop counted to hanteo chart)
You can contact them here: khj-mcpowerfuls@hanmail.net

This is their announcement in english: http://micon.miclub.com/board/viewArticle.do?artiNo=86047698

This is their fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/khj-miclub or http://micon.miclub.com/board/listArticle.do?cateNo=261

You can email them for help and discussion about the shipping to your country

Kyobo is the korean book and cd store who provide overseas purchase. Buy from kyobo counted to hanteo chart as well. They received overseas credit card. From what i knwo they are the only e-shop that received overseas credit card. I have experince by my from stuff from kyobo, and their service is friendly and didnt dissapoint me.

How to buy from kyobo:
First you must register first
Totorial to register here: http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/2010/05/how-to-buy-from-kyobo.html

then after that go here for preorder hyunjoong album

Personally i recommend you to ask KHJmiclub first, because they already state they are willing to help. Its more friendly and convenience for you to because they are KHJ fanclub. Well at least if you are still have doubt to try kyobo because dont have experience with it, KHJ miclub is the best choice. But just want to give testimony. Kyobo is alright and safe too, i often buy my stuff from there too.

Please RT this info in every place you know. YT comment, blog, fb, twitter, KHJ community you know.


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